Your Emotional Health and why it matters.

Your Emotional Health is an aspect of your overall health as a human being, just like your physical or mental health which focuses on your body and mind respectively as part of your total well-being. Your emotional health focuses on your emotions. It focuses on managing your emotions, ensuring that you’ve got a grip on your emotions.

Your emotional health is centered on the impact of your emotions on your well-being. It assesses your ability to feel not-so-great emotions, and not be overwhelmed by them. It assesses your level of emotional intelligence – your ability to identify and manage your emotions and the emotions of others.

Your emotional health ensures that your emotions are balanced in relation to your overall health such that they do not adversely affect your daily life and work.

Why does your Emotional Health matter?

When one aspect of the whole is down, other areas begin to suffer; and your emotional health should not be the aspect that is down, because it is an integral part of who you are.

Here are some reasons why you need to pay attention to your Emotional Health;

  • Studies have shown that you are more susceptible to physical and psychological illnesses when your emotions are not properly managed.
  • In times of uncertainties or difficulties, your emotional health if given the proper attention can help you get through the situation, as you are equipped to manage all the emotions that you may feel during this period and come out much stronger and resilient.
  • It helps you to observe and understand your triggers – what makes you feel the way you do and act the way you do.
  • Your emotions affects how you think, hence your emotional health can affect your decision making.
  • Managing your emotions can help you manage your energy too, meaning you can achieve more.
  • It helps you manage your relationship with other people. Emotional intelligence concerns itself with not only your emotions and how it affects others but identify and managing the emotions of others, which will help you build better relationships and manage different personality types without feeling stressed.

Begin today to pay attention to your Emotional Health and reap the benefits listed above.

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