Why You should be Angry at losing your job due to Covid-19.

If you’ve already lost your job; I’m sorry to hear that.

This is one of the hard hitting effects of the pandemic on businesses as a whole. Most businesses are either completely shut or operating only skeletal with social distancing in effect and with clients at home, there is not much income coming in. Employers are saddled with the hard decision of having to let staff go or adopt massive pay cuts to manage the situation.

As an employee who’s just been let go, you will be fraught with different kinds of emotions and this is to guide you on how to handle the situation so it doesn’t escalate.

If you are among the people that have been fraught with fear about being let go, you may actually feel a bit relieved from the panic that almost overwhelmed you, but that’s only before the other emotions kick in.

You may feel afraid, afraid of having to look for another job especially in a time of crisis like this. You may feel sad about not being able to change the situation especially if you enjoyed your job. You may feel helpless with no idea on how to proceed. You may also feel angry about the whole situation.

Angry at your boss for chosing you to be one of those to let go;

Angry at Covid-19 for showing up and putting you in this mess;

Angry at yourself for not preparing for this moment somehow – maybe by putting systems in place like starting that business you’ve always wanted to start, or making investments that would be yielding interests before now, or even just leaving the company before now!

Yes. Yes you do have a valid reason to feel all the emotions that you feel, and you should indeed feel them rather than suppress or bury them.

You should however remember that you are responsible for your emotions and even though you cannot control all that has happened, you can control your response to it.

Your emotions are not automatic; they only seem so. You are responsible for your emotions, as your feelings are based on your thoughts, which are further reinforced by your behavior.

So you will need to adopt healthy ways of expressing how you feel like hitting the boxing ring, going for a run, screaming or crying – anything that will help you let off steam in the most ecological way, then you have to press pause, to find a solution to your situation.

Don’t wait for your feelings to change before you take action. Take the action, your feelings will change

– Barbara Baron

Every emotion has a message so do not resist or suppress the anger you feel, instead seek to understand it. Investigate the root cause of your anger. Usually, Anger is a secondary emotion covering other emotions like fear and overwhelm or helplessness. Being curious about how you feel will help you ask the right questions to interrupt your anger and get into solution mode.

It will help you decode and appreciate the hidden message behind an emotion as intense as anger. Just imagine channeling that intensity to starting your own business or dusting your CV, all the lethargy and procrastination will be wiped out in no time.

This can only happen if you guide the questions you ask towards coming up with a solution rather than dwelling on your interpretation of how you ended up without a job. If you could ask yourself only 2 questions to identify your next move, I am guessing that it will not be questions like “Why me”.

Your top two questions could be;

What am I learning from this situation?
What can I do now to move forward?

So instead of cursing, blaming your boss, or planning a revenge on the virus, why not let your emotions guide you towards your next big move. Let your anger help you get started and drive you like no other boss can.

All the Best in your endeavors.

4 thoughts on “Why You should be Angry at losing your job due to Covid-19.

  1. That so much for this book ma!
    It is indeed a manual guide for anyone who fall victim of loosing his/her job fir COVID 19.
    our thought controls how we feel, and our feelings controls out behaviours, and behaviours escalates our positive or negative actions.
    With this book, any victim of lost of job to COVID 19, will know what exactly to do to bounce back.
    Thanks so much ma!
    Happy New Month Ma….

    Liked by 1 person

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