Feeling broke??? Check your figures again, using this formula.

The other day, I was feeling a bit down as I peered into the streets of social media to observe the trending trainings, webinars and other online communication geared towards making money or increasing your revenue streams that may have been eaten up due to the closure of so many physical businesses as a measure to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 in the country; I just felt I probably needed to do more to get more money too.

And then a thought crossed my mind,

So many people just want to be as happy and fulfilled as you are.

And then, I decided to count my blessings; maybe they were too far back in my mind, so I decided to write them out to bring them to the fore front of my mind to remind myself of how truly rich I am, not just by the money in my bank account, but by the testimonies in my mouth and so many other wealth in kind that I have but I easily forget to count since I haven’t actually taken the time to value them.

Here’s a sample, why not put a price to yours

As I wrote down the things I was grateful for, I began to smile… As I smiled, I realized that I had more to write and as I wrote more, I realized just how rich I was. My life is filled with happiness, health and deep peace, so much that money cannot buy especially in a time like now where there is actually no cure to a virus that ravages both the rich and the poor.

I refuse to be pressured by those looking to make more money, I don’t beef them either, I understand that they may truly need the money, as some may not even be at my current financial level yet, well, it is up to me to refuse to allow their hastiness get to me, by counting my blessings and putting a price tag to my wealth in kind.

A dose of gratitude is just what the doctor ordered!

4 thoughts on “Feeling broke??? Check your figures again, using this formula.

  1. Hummm!
    This has thought me that, most times I use to feel that I am broke financial, it is not actually true. It is because, I have not checked and wrote down what I have on my hands. It is not all about the fat or tin bank account, but the wealth in form of peace, health, success of different types, Joy, and lots more.
    It is indeed a book that redirect one’s senses of reasons positively and properly.

    Thanks so much ma!

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  2. Thanks for the new perspective Tosan. Wealth isn’t only in cash. I’m so happy and grateful for a healthy family; I don’t have to worry about myself of any of my family members (nuclear and extended).
    I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

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